If you are having difficulty listening to our live player, please try the test player first here before filling out this form.

Additionally if you have a standalone player (WinAMP, VLC, an internet radio appliance) and need a raw stream url, please use the following: http://s1.stream.zoomerradio.ca/audio/am740-cfzm.pls

If you are on an Android device, you may want to try the Tune In app.

if you are using an iPhone or iPad, please use the AM740 Zoomer listening app.

We are also available on Apple's iTunes, which is a free download, under Library > Radio > Oldies

Our online players use Adobe Flash player, and you must be up to date with Flash to be able to listen to our feeds.

Adobe Flash requires constant update to stay ahead of security issues, and you must update immediately after a new update comes out to not be subject to malicious attacks. Google's Chrome browser is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Linux/Unix and MacOSX, auto updates its built in flash, obviating constant updates. It is recommended as the browser for listening to our feeds on PCs via Flash in web browsers.

If that does not help, please let us know by filling in the form, below.

You'll receive an immediate autoresponse via email that tells you we've received your message, followed by a personal response from our staff within a day or two.

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